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Yao Xuesong, who studied at the Department of Mechanical Engineering North China Electric Power University, Department of Communication University of China TV. As CCTV Financial Channel, "Economics and Law", "Business TV", "Business Time", "cctv Model TV contest", "Chinese Love" large-scale television show, "Meridian Letters" and other columns moderator. He now runs the Central TV financial channel, "the first time - Cedar newspaper", "Economic Information Network", "Economic half-hour", is CCTV excellent host. 2015 3.15 CCTV show host.






Authorized dealer

  • Qiao Zhou【13787193488】
    Hunan Changsha South fly Toys Co., Ltd.
    Changsha, Hunan Takahashi Modern Trade City 4, 1st Floor, No. D25-30
  • Hou Zhenbo【15032134286】
    Shijiazhuang, Hebei Prosperous Playground Equipment
    Chang'an District Nansantiao Kim Toy City three District B, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province on the 1st
  • Huang Zhihu【13339196578】
    Hefei Keda Playground Equipment
    Zhengrong Trading on the 3rd cabinets in the end opposite the MEGA
  • Lee Ruyi【18971247799】
    Wuhan Italian Italian Toy Co., Ltd.
    Hubei Taiyuan
  • Huang Biao Hui【13602684418】
    Guangzhou, Shenzhen child star Interactive Technology Co., Ltd.
    Sakata Jinpeng Sesson Street, 2nd Floor, No. 16 Industrial Area, Longgang District plant
  • Wang Yu【13137137277】
    Zhengzhou City Kaikai Playground Equipment
    Henan Province, Zhengzhou City, Lake Village gentleman warehouse
  • Li Zhimin【13888119511】
    Yunnan Kunming, Le Toy Co., Ltd.
    Kunming China Toy snail Bay No. 761-766 a third floor area of 20 D Street
  • Su Hongjun【13698008281】
    Nanchang luck Home Playground Equipment
    Nanchang Hongseong big market Wuhua II 293 295 301 302 Number
  • Wang Xueyun【18952145006】
    Xuzhou Bai satisfied Toys Co., Ltd.
    Xuzhou City Liangmao food market
  • Rongli【13273279393】
    Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. Hebei Baigou takeoff
    International Trade City in Hebei Baigou five 5B01-5B02 number three 3S09
  • Liufeng【18628488934】
    Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. Hebei Baigou takeoff
    International Trade City in Hebei Baigou five 5B01-5B02 number three 3S09 /
  • Wangteng【13595138246】
    Guizhou takeoff Ltd.
    South Trade City Area C, Building 2, 4th Floor, No. 230 Guiyang
  • Jin Qianfeng【15901228818】
    Beijing Bao Le Swing Car Co.
    Beijing Bao Le Swing Car Co.
  • Zhangyi【13998248727】
    Liaoning shenyang good noble toys co., LTD
    Five love shenhe district in shenyang market the kanto changle package right sister (nosocomial) or busy road five love traffic post Korea west line 100 meters
  • Cao Yukun【13016840011】
    Changzhou Tong Kang Playground Equipment
    Tianning Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, Li Road 7
  • Li Junwen【13603589206】
    Shanxi Taiyuan clever children's toys Ltd.
    Taiyuan, Shanxi Yu Ho Berlin district No. 168 stroke kitchen market seven rows West One
  • Mr Jia【13361079890】
    Jinan government hands amusement equipment co., LTD
    Flyover district of jinan in shandong province chestnut mountain road no. 70
  • Zhang Fuming【15928928355】
    Chengdu auspicious butterfly amusement equipment co., LTD
    Sichuan kanaike second floor for the southern district of chengdu, chengdu lotus pond lotus lotus street no. 47
  • Ke Ronghua【13062319096】
    Chongqing opportunely opportunely toys co., LTD
    Gold open electricity in nanan distract of chongqing city industrial park building
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